2019 Fall Conference Registration

Crowne Plaza Hotel
4728 Constitution Avenue, Baton Rouge

Boot Camp - Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Fall Conference - Wednesday-Friday, October 16-18, 2019



NOTE - Your institution must be listed in the LASFAA membership database prior to registering. If you are with a new institution, please contact support@lasfaa.org before proceeding.

Every person attending the conference needs to complete the Conference Registration Form below. Payment is expected by the start of the conference or training event.

Conference Registration Fee: All fees listed are per person. $125 for Regular Members.  $225 for Associate Members. $50 additional is charged for non-member registration. Current membership requires an ending membership date of 2/28/2020. An invoice will be sent out as a response to this registration; please pay as soon as possible. A Late Registration Fee of $25 for the Fall Conference/Boot camp registration will be added for registrations after 10/2/2019.

Boot Camp Registration Fee: If the membership affiliation = “Active” and “Number of Years in Profession” is 3 years or less, the registration fee is $0. If the membership affiliation = “Not Specified”, or “Associate” or  “Number of Years in Profession” is 4 years or more, the registration fee is $50. If the membership status is not “Current” (regardless of Years of Profession or Affiliation), the registration fee is $65.

Registration Fee Refund Policy: All requests for refunds must be in writing to the Treasurer.  A 100% refund is granted if the request is received by September 25, 2019.

Mail all payments to:
           c/o Lynette Viskozki, Treasurer
           P.O. Box 53016
           Shreveport, LA  71135

  • This is a multi-part registration and is not complete until you reach the final invoice page.

  • Need help? Contact support@lasfaa.org.
DO NOT use your username and password to register someone else!
This will not only erase your registration, but it will also delete you from the LASFAA database. If the person you are registering is in the database, please request their username and password. Otherwise, register them as a new person so they can be assigned a unique username and password of their own.

2019 Fall Conference Registration - Part 1
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